Each month we have the great fortune to have a fully accessible meeting with CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation). That means attendees get to SEE whatever they can’t HEAR. It also means we get a transcript after every meeting, so we’re going to post them here so that those who cannot make it to a meeting or simply want a copy of a transcript have access to them.

To download any specific month’s transcript just click the link below. Select “save” or “save as” as directed by your browser, and “open” the document. We hope this is a useful tool for our members and friends.

Past Meetings


Sep 7           Bob Rennie will discuss Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

Jun 1           John House, M.D. of the House Providence Hearing Health Center speaking about Various Topics Related To Hearing Loss and Hearing Health


Nov 3            Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline and meet our new professional adviser, Stephanie Rose, Au.D., FAAA

June 7          Everyone in the pool! but I wear hearing aids and Dr. Brad Ingrao moves to Florida
May 5          May-Better Speech and Hearing Month
April 7  The Sam Simon Foundation and their hearing dogs program – Barbara Velasquez
February 3 Understanding Speech Happens in the Brain – Gary Dorf, Au.D. – OTICON
January 6  ADA and Disability Rights – Callie Frye

May 6  Questions and Answers – Dr. Brad Ingrao
April 1  Hearing Aids Alone Are Not Enough To Improve Your Hearing – MED EL
March 4  Coping Skills for Hearing Loss – Pamela Mang LMFT